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2009-01-20 10:05:35 by Deimos22X

Hey guys sorry i haven't been on in what? 4 months maybe? I've been playing combat arms. you guys should really play it. Also i got the orange box, so I'm playing that right now. If anyone has it for their computer, message me and i'll probably message back my Steam username. That's all for now! (Oh, and i don't have enough time to make the poor quality music, so that's called off for now.)


2008-10-15 07:19:20 by Deimos22X

Sorry guys. my microphone is down for the moment, as to i don't have the application.
ill fix it asap.


2008-08-23 22:44:22 by Deimos22X

Hello! I if you're wondering what i do, I do a bit of everything, flash movies, claymations, music, whatever i feel like doing at the moment. But I'm sorry about the bad quality of my music. I don't have all those fancy music making stuff. All i have is an electric keyboard and a computer microphone. If you have a need for any kind of simple music for a flash movie or game, just PM me and I'll make it.